Hank Parker

The CBS Morning Show best described Hank Parker when introducing him as "the rod-n-reel answer to Michael Jordan,
in popularity and talent!" Hank has enjoyed a storied professional bass fishing and outdoor television host career that continues to grow each season! His accomplishments on the professional bass fishing tournament trail support the fact he is one of America's greatest bass fishermen to ever compete.

Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine, is among the most popular on television today and continues to entertain and educate viewers of all ages and skill levels. Hank's professional fishing career begin in 1976 when he began fishing the National Bass Association Tournament Circuit, winning their national championship in his first season. The following two years he fished both the National Bass Association and American Bass Association. With this success and help from newly acquired sponsors, Hank began fishing the Bass Anglers' Sportsmen's Socitey (B.A.S.S.) Tournament Trail-winning the BassMaster's Classic in both 1979 and 1989. He also was the first angler to win the Grand Slam of Bass Fishing, which included the Classic, B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, and the B.A.S.S. SuperBass Tournament. Amazingly, Hank finished "in the money" in 76% of all the tournaments he fished during his B.A.S.S. career.
Hank's television series launched in 1985 with national syndication. The following season the series moved to
The Nashville Network. In following years the series has aired on the National Network, The Outdoor Life Network, The Outdoor Channel, and now resides on the Versus Network

Hank Parker is a well-known professional bass fisherman in the United States.

In 1979 and again in 1989, the native of Maiden, NC won the Bassmaster Classic, the biggest event in his sport. He is one of only four anglers to win the event more than once.

For years, Parker has hosted Hank Parker Outdoors. The program now airs on the Outdoor Channel; it has previously aired on Versus (formerly OLN/Outdoor Life Network), ESPN and TNN, The Nashville Network (now Spike TV). He was also featured as an opponent in the video game released for the Super Nintendo entitled "Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker." In the game, the player must earn their way onto the pro bass fishing tour, where they compete against Parker.

Parker lives in Denver, North Carolina, along the shores of Lake Norman. He has two sons, Hank Parker Jr. and Billy Parker, who have both driven in the NASCAR Busch Series. Hank Jr. is a two-time race winner and is now a test driver for Roush Racing. Billy has the appropriate nickname "Catfish." The sons also join him for another outdoors show, called Hank Parker 3-D; that show focuses on hunting rather than fishing.