Todd Hannah  /  Denny Hannah

      Hello fellow anglers..... at almost 50 years old and having fished the waters of Bristol bay Alaska, Canada and Oregon, to the lower parts of Mexico, landing I don't know how many different species of fish on both conventional and fly rod, not to mention I have been guiding for over 30 year in Oregon and started from the bottom and worked my way to the top. I have done a dozen television shows, and fish I don't know how many famous people ... even ran into Jimmy Carter fishing one day! I have donate so many trips over the year to fund raiser like Relay for life cancer research, Make a wish foundation, Rocky Mountain Elks foundation, school fund raisers and the list goes on. I have pulled dead bodies out of the river, saved one kid from drowning and almost drowned 2 times myself and you know what?? I don't consider myself a legend.
Todd Hannah
"The Oregon Angler"
Denny Hannah

     I have fished and work with some legends and learned a lot from them. One of wich is my Father Denny Hannah God rest his soul. He is the one who taught me not only to fish, hunt and guide, but more important taught me right from wrong, gave me morals to be proud of and how to treat a fellow fisherman. I don't want to get into it but some of the shit I see at the boat ramps and on the river really makes me have to bite my tong.... I can't believe what people do and say to each other on the water...... I think you know what I am talking about.
     Dad started guiding full time in the late 1960s, We moved to the small town of Lakeside, Oregon in 1968 where I had the privilege of growing up on Tenmile Lake, as a kid there was know better life than to have a dad who was a fishing and hunting guide. He also ran a boy's camp in the summers of early 1970s and I was just the rite age to fit in with the rest of the boys. He taught hunters safety, along with survival, fishing techniques and how to live of the land.......needless to say our family of six ate a lot of fish, deer and elk! As a kid I thought cows were just for milk!
     Dad was well know for his Umpqua River striper trips and in the 70's striper fishing was as good as it gets. He became pretty famous with the outdoor writers and television shows. His first show was with "Lucky Jim Conway" you have to be up there in the years to remember that one. He also fish Roland Martin for the Striped Bass and the list goes on forever ... with over 20 different fishing shows and there Host. In 2006 he did his last show in Alaska with "hawg quest" .
In 2007 The Ledged Denny Hannah past away leaving me in charge of Hannah fishing trips!
So if someone ask for my Qualifications.... I just say I am Denny Hannah's son Todd.
     So for those of you who don't know my Dad or myself I will give you the rest of the story. My first boat was given to me at age 9 by my uncle Tamis Hannah we named it the "Strainer "because it leaked so bad. I ran my first guide trip was at age12 on Tenmile Lake I didn't know I was the guide for a while as people would stay in our cabins and invite me to go fishing in there nice boats...... When we would take off from the dock they would say you drive and take us to your favorite spot! I would bait their hooks, tell fish stories and clean there fish at the end of the day.
     As I put some meat on my bones dad got me behind the oars of the drift boat and said it was my turn to row him down the river. At age of 14, I was pretty good on the sticks and had landed a lot of salmon and Steelhead. When I said I stared at the bottom earlier I meant I was a "swamper" that is you did everything from washing the boats, to cleaning the fish, and what ever else needed to be done.
     At 15 I started rowing the baggage boat on the John Day River, Mom and I would set up camp and cook meals for the dads clients. This was three day camp out trip for smallmouth bass and a lot of work for my Mom and me. This is were my love for smallmouth started, Bass are still my favorite fish to guide for today.
In the late 70's Mom and Dad opened a fishing lodge on the Elk River where the crowds were few and the fish were plentiful. ( I wish I could say that for the Elk and Sixes River now) This is when I started spending my summers in Alaska and my winters in Oregon guiding for "Hannah fish Camps." By the 1980s We were operating 4 fish camps, Elk River, Rouge River at Agness, Umpqua River at Elkton and Lakeside.
     In 1989 we lost my Mom to breast cancer and my Dad was devastated he put Elk River lodge up for sale and made the Umpqua River our main camp. The smallmouth bass fishing was at it's peak and the Umpqua river had a lot to offer us even to this day.
     "2009" you can find my wife Anna Hannah and myself "the Oregon angler" on the Umpqua River operating "Hannah fishing trip." We have 1/2 mile of river front property with private boat ramp where we fish year round and would love to share it with you, so if you would like to hear the rest of the story come see us for some good old Hannah hospitality!

Thank You For Fishing With Us.
Todd Hannah